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Our Brand Story

After a terrible occurrence, Daxlena launched Safeparty. The event involved a low-quality fireproof mat that resulted in first-degree burns as well as extensive damage to a newly constructed porch. Despite the sad nature of the experience, Daxlena resolved to make things better for people in the future and prevent others from having similar situations. 

Over the course of a year, Daxlena collaborated with a variety of materials and product suppliers to create the blend of materials that make up the Safeparty BBQ Grill Fire Pit Mat. The high-quality materials have been tested to give maximum heat resistance and protection for your deck, patio, or grass, as well as to assist prevent heat infiltrating surfaces that could lead to a fire.

Our Products

Safeparty BBQ Grill Fire Pit Mat is an essential item for hosting those unforgettable backyard barbecues all year long. This mat is perfect for any season for camping in the spring, grilling in the summer, smoking in the fall, and fire pits in the winter. It will protect a wide range of surfaces whether it be grass, concrete, wood, or more! Place the mat under any fire pit, grill, or smoker for the ultimate protection!


Our fireproof mat for fire pit has passed SGS Vertical Burning Testing, SGS UL94 VTM-0 Certified and designed to withstand more heat than any regular mats, so you can enjoy your fire without any worries about damaging the surface that you’ve placed your pits on


We've designed our firepit mat to protect a wide range of surfaces from grass lawns and campsites, on stone or concrete yards, driveway, and it even serves as a heat barrier protecting your RV patio mats, patio pavers, and camper mats from damage by heat source


Our firepad deck protector is made to last, and has undergone many lab tests and quality inspections before landing on your doorstep. Good quality stitching makes your fire pit base for concrete durable and ensure years of safety and protection so you can enjoy your backyard without worrying about needing new fire pad again and again


Our fire mat for composite deck comes with nonstick silicone coating that not only protects it from heat but also makes this fire heat mat easy to clean. While grass and mud slide right off the mat, soot, coal, and grease are simply wiped away with a rag and soapy water


This universal fire pit pad for concrete will fit all BBQ grills and fire pits including Weber grills and Propane fire pits up to 38" in diameter. Ensure that heat source is at least 6" from the firepad to ensure maximum protection. Use reWective (silver) side up and non- slip (dark) side down

Our Brand Promise

We want to make sure we know our customers’ needs as well as they do. Our aim is to ensure that every single purchase you make with us meets or exceeds your expectation. Safeparty by Daxlena lives by the motto – quality products you can trust and depend on

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